Frequently asked questions

What kind of Ingredients Kindmates uses in the recipes?

All recipes from Kindmates are made with USDA-inspected ingredients meaning they are the same quality of those found at Restaurants and Supermarkets. For us there is no such a thing like feed-grade or food that is not suitable for Humans. Every single ingredient in our recipes serves a purpose. For example, the Cranberries are a natural and healthy source of antioxidant, Vitamin C and Manganese. The Oats in our Limited Ingredients Pork Recipe adds a great source of Phosphorus and Vitamins B1 and B5.

Why Human Grade / Human Edible Food for Pets?

The term human grade in pet food means the Food is suitable and approved for human consumption. In other words, it is s "human edible." This is achieved via sourcing of Ingredients from the exact same suppliers serving large supermarket chains and restaurants. At Kindmates we go that extra mile and cook all of our recipes in an USDA-inspected Kitchen. Human Grade food is way more regulated than foods made for animals.

How the transition to Kindmates works?

It all depends on your dogs tolerance to cooked food but in general, we recommend a slow transition over a period of five to ten days where our food can be slowly introduced. For example, a dog that is being eating only Kibble will adjust more easily to a slow transition that begins with a small amount of Kindmates Food as a topping "for taste". Just remember to reduce the amount of Kibble at the same proportion of Real Food: If you give say one tbsp of Kindmates on day 1 of the transition, that same amount of Kibble should be subtract from that meal.

What are the benefits of Cooked Food for my pet?

Many scientific studies show that a balanced gently cooked food have a significant impact on the immune system, meaning the pets are more capable of fighting diseases with this type of food. Because Kindmates Foods are more bioavailable the nutrients are better absorbed by their bodies. In the long term you may see the difference on the pet's coat, more "good" energy, less inflammation in general and a much better mood on your dog or cat.This is our ultimate goal: To let you pet feel happier!

What type of preservatives are present on Kindmates Foods?

Kindmates Foods are 100% free of added preservatives, colorants, additives, by-products or any other substance that is not natural for the pets.

For how long will Kindmates food last in the Refrigerator?

After the package is open, it will last up to five days in the refrigerator. Do not refreeze unused food.

What is the difference between Kindmates and a Food that I can cook at home?

Kindmates recipes are formulated by board-certified veterinarians who specializes in pet nutrition. Thus, the recipes are complete and balanced for pets following a rigorous process of formulation that consider among other elements, the right ratio of vitamins and minerals present in each recipe. We encourage you to cook for your dog as long as you consult with a Vet that speciliazes in Canine / Feline Nutrition. We offer this service for a fee.

What is the best way to serve Kindmates meals?

Ideally you may let the food thaw naturally overnight in the refrigerator and serve at room temperature. You can reach that by warming up the food for a few seconds on the microwave or in a pan.

How to thaw Kindmates Food using the Microwave?

Use the defrost setting on the microwave to slowly thaw the food to a point where is no longer frozen. You can then heat up the serving for about 20-30 seconds just to make it room temperature. The food should be kept in our microwave-safe bags while thawing.

What is the expiration on Kindmates Foods, Snacks and Supplements?

Please check the expiration date on the package. - Our food is made fresh weekly and will last up to 12 months if kept frozen. - Treats / Snacks are also made fresh weekly but because they are not frozen, the shelf life is three months. If you got an expired treat in hand, please return for a refund or replacement. - Both Omega-3 and Green Lipped Mussel Supplements are good for 18-24 months.

Can my Cat have the Omega-3 supplement?

Yes, adult cats can have 1/2 tsp of the Omega-3 on a daily basis. Please not that this product is not suitable for kittens.

What is the difference between Kindmates and Raw Food?

Kindmates is cooked to a point where bacterias and other potential harmful elements are eliminated from the diets, making it safer for humans handling the food.

What are Kindmates Treats and Snacks made of?

The Chicken, Beef and Fish Treats are made with one single ingredient: Human-edible / Human- Grade Meat that are sourced from most likely the same suppliers you get your meats from. The Ice Creams are also 100% Human-Edible but with a few more ingredients like cranberries, coconut oil and turmeric.

What is the Kindmates Sustainability Pledge?

At Kindmates we believe that Pets can be given the best possible food without causing more harm to the environment. That's why we chose to use 85% of reusable packages and we are currently working to get to 100% sustainable packaging by 2021. We buy most of our ingredients from local growers and our meat, whenever possible, is sourced from Animal Welfare Certified farms.

How does the returnable packaging system works?

Our line of Snacks and meals come with the option of more sustainable option. The snacks use the Eco-Can whereas for the 5 lb, 10 lb and 20 lb meals comes in our Eco-Buckets. On your first purchase you buy an Eco-Can for $7.95 (plus product cost) for the treats and $19.95 for the Meals. After your pet devorates the treats and food you may return the packaging to where you bought and pay just for the refill at a discounted price vs. the traditionally packaged food. For pick-ups use our app our send us an email to

Where can I buy Kindmates products?

We sell our products nationwide through our website at We are also present in over 100 stores in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville and Naples, Florida. Please check our locations page to see what locations is closest to you.

How do I become a distributor of Kindmates products?

Please email us at to check eligibility.