How COVID-19 affected our business? A message from Kindmates' Founder

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

When Kindmates was created just over a year ago, we were visualizing a completely different 2020: A year that would bring lot's of awareness and growth to our recently created company. After almost two years of planning and building the company, and having everything in place to a great start as an innovative company, the beginning of the pandemic was scary to say the least. But, thanks to a loyal base of customers who believe in the brand, a solid business plan and a dynamic business model, we have been navigating the "new normal" with ease without compromising services, and, most importantly, keeping the high standards quality of our products. Instead of been shaken by the virus, this pandemic has thought us how to be even more proactive by trying to anticipate issues, be more and more creative in order to achieve our goals.

Instead of letting us down, COVID-19 is making Kindmates a stronger company. That is because we continue to manage to attend 95% of our orders with the promised delivery times. Moreover, all of the ongoing projects continue to be worked on, and that includes 1. the release of a new line of CBD-infused / functional products by early 2021 (more on that soon), 2. the search for a farm in Orlando, FL that will house the Ranch of The Kind Humane Dog Sanctuary.

Ranch of the Kind Dog Sanctuary in Orlando-FL

3. the release of a book called "100 Rare Dog Breeds" that will have the proceeds going towards the Sanctuary (Coming December, 20th)

4. expansion of our social media presence, 5. launch of the partnership with Otterbox/Liviri to deliver our food in returnable insulated boxes (trial period had around 45 deliveries made with the new boxes!),

6. renewal of the partnership with Eurofins Labs who is the company that help us assuring product quality and compliance.


Of course not everything is looking 100% but we prefer to call this simple opportunities to get even better at what we do. Some suppliers could not keep up with the Worldwide disruption in the Supply Chain. We saw the prices of Beef going up 5X, Chicken 3X and some ingredients like Fresh Cranberries simply disappearing from the shelves. That disruption caused us to completely sold out the Beef Recipe and Beef Treats for over a month - situation that is now going back to normal. Our Lamb Recipe needed to adapt as our New Zealand supplier had all the shipments returned to their warehouse. We started getting our Lamb from an Australian supplier that raises a different breed of animal that has more fat and is of a lighter color than those from NZ. The sweet potato supply was also impacted and we had to find alternatives that resulted in a different product aspect (lighter, more pale color). Same with White Rice that had to be replaced by a different type (Longer grain and more white than normal). Customers buying the Lamb Recipe will notice that the food might look different from previous orders and we wanted to reassure that the quality of the food is not affected.

We've also suspended visits to our Kitchen here in Orlando as it remains closed for the public. We will let you know as soon as we are allowed to have visitors again.

Finally, I wanted to thank all the customers for the continued support. I count on your support not only to continue to give your dogs the food they deserve, but also to tell the World how happy your pup is when is meal time. As a family-operated business with very limited resources, we rely on word-of-mouth to grown and continue to improve and create value for you. Let's together change the way we feed our dogs.

Felipe Veit


Kindmates Orlando

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