How Real Food changed my dog's life

Julie is a feisty happy rodent-chaser senior Scottish Terrier that lives every single day of her life as if it was the last. She is 8-years old and sometimes if feels that she had lived way more than that because of the uncountable places she visited, the number of dogs and people she met, and so many episodes that only a "wild" dog would live such as the day she chased and put down a badger. Yes, a badger. If you don't know the power of a Scottish Terrier, you should start looking more into it. Scotties are the real deal, period.

Her life is intense. Even at an age where dogs are supposed to slow down, she is as active and happy as a puppy.

But her life was nothing close to what it is right now when she was just under 2 years of age. She developed canine-lupus which is a disease that targets the immune system. She was also diagnosed with a severe form of arthritis that was not only inflicting so much pain but making her left leg twisting and eventually getting deformed. The countless visits to the Vet were only to hear what we already knew: That those conditions would only get worst as she was getting older. Thousands of dollars were spent with physiotherapy sessions and special medication for the immune condition. Nothing seemed to be helping her.

When her parents started to look into what Julie was eating they were shocked. They found out that, not only the quality and provenance of the ingredients on the high-end Kibble they believed was the best dog food she could have, the information on the labels were hard to understand. Questions like "what is a chicken meal?" or "why they don't use chicken MEAT instead?" started to reveal that Julie was actually being fed something that was perhaps nutritionally ok, but not necessarily the healthiest option for her.

With a couple of visits to holistic vets, Julie's parents started to cook for her under the supervision of her new veterinary. They would buy meat and other ingredients at a local supermarket and cook them with the added and necessary supplements that dogs need. In no time they started noticing subtle behavior changes. Julie became a happier dog, especially at mealtime when she'd start jumping whenever they said "lunchtime". Her coat started to get brighter and stronger too after a few months. Her stools were more firm, smaller, and less smelly - a clear indication that her body was using all the nutrients provided by the fresh, wholesome food for dogs her parents had created. And that was how Kindmates Real Food For Dogs was born.

Apart from the improvement of aesthetics, behavior, and mood, Julie's episodes of pain from arthritis started to reduce drastically. The lupus flairs that were usually revealed when the skin on her nose began to fall off, were now becoming a rare event. Today, six years after Julie was offered Real Food that is fresh, balanced and with no preservatives or other synthetic ingredients, she became what we like to call the model for the healthy dog. With the annual blood exams to evaluate important parameters such as white blood cells counting, her parents are able to testify how life-changing the food from Kindmates is, and how it has played a role and turning a dog that was condmened to live a life full of vet visits and medicines, into a dog that is healthy and disease free.

This is the power of what Kindmates believe should be an option for every dog. The power of nutrition coming from real food, real ingredients that are full of life and goodness.

Sarah Sun is a dog lover and writer for Kindmates.

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