Start with these tips for raising the perfect pet

My first dog, Nick, lived for almost 17 years without experiencing any significant disease or behavioral issue. His life was all about the food, the exercises, and the environment we provided. These were the three components for what I like to call The Perfect Pet model we have implemented in the wellbeing plan of hundreds of dogs at Royal Barks between 2013 and 2017.

Feed dogs Real Food, not Dog Foog

As an insider of the industry, the recommendation I have on traditional pet food is, "Don't give them to your pets (If you want them to thrive, not just survive" These are highly processed products created when big food companies saw an opportunity to profit out of ingredients not approved for human consumption. So, it is not suitable for humans; why is it okay for pets?

To raise awareness on this important issue, and also foreseeing an excellent business opportunity, a network of companies including Kindmates, is focusing on truly making pets live longer and happier lives is changing the industry. Real food made with ingredients approved by the USDA when fed raw or steam cooked is proven to be healthier than highly processed canned or brown burnt pellets.

Mindful Exercises

Different dogs have different needs. A breed-centered approach is a handy technique that allows dogs to be themselves. For example, certain terrier types of dogs will enjoy chasing critters in the backyard more than following you in three-mile jogging. A retriever type of dog will be in heaven if allowed to swim at least twice a week. Trying to fulfill our dogs' natural need for doing what they want to do it is what will bring joy to them.

Create the perfect environment

Because dogs have way more evolved sensorial mechanisms like the ability to hear and smell way beyond humans can, it is vital to observe what is harmful to them. Observe the temperature in the thermostat to make sure it is comfortable for both you and your dog. The ideal temperature should be between 70-75 degrees. Make sure the bowls are always clean and with plenty of freshwaters available. Avoid loud music and eliminate any source of household chemicals such as floor cleaners and plug-in air refreshers.

Kindmates is a leader in the segment of human-grade, real for dogs, and known for its unique business model that has sustainability on its DNA.

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