Made weekly in small batches with 100% Prime Cut USDA-approved Meat, the Beef Fillets is a healthy and nutritious snack for your pet. No preservatives, colorants, additives added. Ever. This Beef Treats contain one single ingredient: Premium Meat.


Please consider our more sustainable version with the Refillable Eco-Can. 


- Refrigerate after opening. 

- Supervise while feeding. 

- Break in pieces for smaller dogs. 

- Always make fresh, filtrated water available for your pet. 

- Wash the bowls daily with neutral, odorless detergent. Brush with vinegar solution to disinfect.



Variations in size and shape of each treat will occur as they are hand-crafted (we don't use machines in our processes) and because each cut has its own variations. Common cuts of meat we use are Chuck Roast, Flank Steak and Chunk Steak. 

Beef Fillets - Bag 5 oz