Made weekly in small batchs with 100% Fresh Wild Caught Fish from Florida.


- Only FDA's best choice Fish is what goes in our packages. No farm-raised. We buy the fish directly from Fishermen off the Atlantic Coast in Cocoa Beach and surroundings. 


No Preservatives

No Colorants

No Additives


Total Transparency: Before getting this item, Please consider our more sustainable alternative: 


- The Eco-Can is our solution to reduce waste. It can be returned to our stores for a refill at a discounted price. (* $7.95 set up fee for the container that can be further refilled at a discounted price). 




- Refrigerate after opening. 

- Supervise while feeding. 

- Break in pieces for smaller dogs. 

- Always make fresh, filtrated water available for your pet. 

- Wash the bowls daily with neutral, odorless detergent. Brush with vinegar solution to disinfect.



The most commnon Fish we use are Sardines, Herring, Mackerell and/or Mullet. Variations may occur depeding on what was sourced in that week's production. 

Both the Mackerell and Sardines may contain a feel bones that should not present any harm. They are actually a great source of calcium!

Fish Fillets Bag 5oz