The Pork Recipe is this: Simple, Delicious, Nutritious. Pork meat as it is not so common in Pet Food, can be considered a novel protein meaning your dog will enjoy the taste of it. The Oats are very beneficial for the GI tract while the Organic Cranberries function as a natural antioxidante. With a sticky texture, we recommend introducing it slowly. 


Features & Benefits


- Protein Dry Matter (After removing water)*: 28%

- Limited Ingredients, Great for sensitivities and for transitioning foods

- Gently cooked using Fresh, Human Grade Ingredients only

- Complete and Balanced, ready to serve meal


The Kindmates Promise

Our recipes are crafted by Veterinarians to provide superior nutrition and to bring joy to your pet. We are super confident that your pet you thank you for chosing Kindmates, but if for any reason he or she doesn't love it, we will refund your payment and offer a free custom diet assessment. Just send us an email at and we will take care of the rest. 



USDA Choice Pork Loin, Organic Oats, Organic Cranberries, Ultra Pure Omega-3, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamins and Minerals. 



Disclaimer: This recipe is not suitable for Kittens or Puppies except for intermittent feeding. For long term feeding we recommend a custom plan where we make a unique recipe exclusively for your fur baby. 

Pork Recipe for Adult Dogs - Trial Pack