Ranch of the Kind  Dog Sanctuary

Funded by Kindmates Proceeds and generous donators, the Ranch of The Kind will be a Dog Sanctuary where abandoned, abused and neglected dogs will restore faith in Humanity. 


​The project is set to launch on a 3-acre property that will house 75 dogs at a time with an estimated initial cost of $5.6 M.


The Ranch of the Kind will be a cage and stress-free environment where dogs will get the days enjoying training sessions while waiting for their forever family. Music Therapy, Therapeutic Massage and Chinese Medicine will be part of the Dogs routine to make this a place of wellness and peace for dogs suffering with the loss of a parent, neglecting, abuse and abandonment. We want Ranch of The Kind to be a place of healing - not a place where they will actually suffer more as in traditional shelters.

The facility will count with an open to the public Veterinary Clinic that includes a Therapy Pool for injured, senior and obese dogs to recoup. The indoors will count with 5,000 sq. play area for socialization and play. 

The outdoors will count with trails, resting areas, playgrounds, a pool and a lake.

More than a sanctuary, the Ranch of the Kind will be a place where Dog Lovers gather together to help a huge cause that will bring education and entertainment to the general public.